How I Got $500 Worth of Diapers for FREE

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In today's economy, every little cent counts. Especially when you have kids who still diapers.

I have three little ones that still use disposable diapers, and the money I spend on them is riculous! It drives me nuts when I calculate how much I spend on a monthly basis buying diapers.

So I used this frustration is a positive way. I wanted to find to a way to make enough money to cover my "diaper" expense. So I went online searching for ways to make just a little bit of extra money. What I discovered was the world of Paid To Read Offers.

Competition is so fierce on the internet, that companies find it a challenge just to get in front of potential buyers. They are so desparate to get people to see their advertisements that they will pay people (ie. you and I) just to look at their offers. Crazy, huh?

Now, they can pay you in a variety of ways. Sometimes its a check. Sometimes its a expensive electronic product like a Playstation 3, an iPhone, or a new laptop computer. But usually they pay you with a gift certificate to a major retail store (like Walmart or Target).

I tend to go for the gift certificates myself because they let me choose what I want to buy. A laptop or iPhone is great, but as a single Mom, what I really need is cash to spend on the necessities (like diapers, wipes, kids clothing, etc).

NOTE: The more the value of the "prize", the more offers they you will have to read in order to get it.

Makes sense, right? Advertisers are going to make you read more offers for a $1000 Walmart gift certificate than they would a $250 Red Lobster gift card.

Below, you will find three Paid To Read Offers to get you started. They are scattered throughout the web, it just takes a little skill knowing where to find them. When I find more, I will be sure to post them on this blog.

Paid To Read Offer #1:

Paid To Read Offer #2:

Paid To Read Offer #3:

If you have a little time on your hands and want to earn a little extra (you won't become a millionaire doing Paid To Read Offers), I'd definitely check out these offers. If I find any more I will be sure to post them.

Much Success,